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Le Aldine di Manuzio

1 December 2015-28 February 2016, Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Piazza Pio XI, 2 - 20123 Milan).

Organised by Marina Bonomelli and Angelo Colombo

Marking the Aldine fifth centenary, the Ambrosiana Library displays a significant portion of its vast Aldine collection comprising some 296 pieces. Visitors will be able to learn about Aldus's genius admiring much of his output in a chronological arrangement. Besides, the letter-press publisher Tallone will exhibit historical tools used by Renaissance and later printers to make their marvellous books.

Further information at http://www.ambrosiana.eu/cms/news_dicembre_2015__aldo_manuzio_in_ambrosiana_e_in_biblioteca-2393.html

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