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-====== Aldo Manuzio e l’invenzione ​del libro moderno/Aldus Manutius and the Making of the Book ======+====== Aldo Manuzio e la costruzione ​del mito/Aldus Manutius and the Making of the Myth ======
-**26-28 February 2015**, Università Ca’ Foscari, ​Dipartimento ​di Studi Umanistici/Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (Dorsoduro ​3484/D, Venice 30123 /Piazzetta S. Marco 7, Venice 30124)+**26-28 February 2015**, Università Ca’ Foscari, ​Aula Magna di Ca' Dolfin/Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Sala Sansovino ​(Dorsoduro ​3825/e, Venice 30123 /Piazzetta S. Marco 7, Venice 30124)
-**Call for Papers** 
-In 2015, in commemoration of the **fifth centenary** of the death of Aldus Manutius (6 February 1515), the conference seeks to delineate the figure of the Renaissance’s most famous printer and publisher. It invites papers and research on the following **themes**: the biography of Alduswhere much is still unknownas well as his links with the cultural and political events of his time; scholarship and textual criticism; printingpublishinganalytical bibliographyas well as his contribution to design and lay-out; +**Speakers**: Mario Infelise, Catherine Kikuchi, Tiziana Plebani, Oren Margolis, John Butcher, Eirini Papadaki, Nicolas Barker, Venetia Chatzopoulou,​ Stephanos Kaklamanis, David Speranzi, Lorenzo Ciolfi, Ursula Rautenberg, Franca Alloatti, Carlo Federici, Federico Macchi, Elisabetta Sciarra e Melania Zanetti, Nicholas Pickwoad, Giordano Castellani, Randall McLeod, Isabelle de ConihoutShanti GraheliPaolo SachetStephen MilnerMarina VenierAnna Giulia CavagnaNicolaus WeichselbaumerNeil Harris.
-collectingannalsand bibliographical instruments;​ the myth and the legacy of Aldus.+
-**Scholars** who wish to propose a paper for the conference are requested to send a 300 word (max.) abstract and a CV to the organizers by 15 September 2014. **Languages**:​ preferably English and Italian. 
-The **costs** of travel and of the stay in Venice for the authors of the chosen papers will be met by the organization. The **abstract** should be sent to the scientific committee at convegnomanuzio2015@unive.it 
 +The **full programme** is available in {{:​collaboration:​manutius_network_2015:​programmaveneziamanuzio.pdf|PDF}}.
-The **scientific committee** will make its selection and communicate its decisions by 30 September 2014. The committee is composed of Edoardo Barbieri (Creleb, Università Cattolica, Milano), Lorena Dal Poz (Ufficio Sovrintendenza Beni Librari, Regione del Veneto), Cristina Dondi (University of Oxford), Neil Harris (Università di Udine), Mario Infelise, (Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia), Dorit Raines (Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia), Piero Scapecchi (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Firenze). 
 +Further info at http://​www.unive.it/​nqcontent.cfm?​a_id=63&​gruppo=5&​event_id=3248652
-The **programme** of the conference will be published by 30 October 2014. 
-For further information about the call for papers and the conference, please **contact** the scientific committee at: convegnomanuzio2015@unive.it 
-Organizing secretary: Francesca Crudo CivitaTreVenezie +39 041 22 01 268 
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