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Aldus Manutius in Milan: A Virtual Exhibition

Online from 26 October 2015, Biblioteca Trivulziana (Piazza Castello, 1 - 20121 Milan)

The European Research Centre Book Publishing Library (CRELEB) of the Catholic University of Milan is pleased to announce that from October 26, 2015 is available online the virtual exhibition entitled 'Festina lente. Un percorso virtuale tra le edizioni aldine della Biblioteca Trivulziana di Milano'.

This display is dedicated to the collection of editions published by Aldus Manutius owned by the Trivulziana Library, Milan. It consists of a path showing the various phases of Aldus’ activity, presenting numerous outstading copies of the Trivulziana collection and offering for each volume a partial HD digital reproduction.

For further details, see the online interview with Edoardo Barbieri made by Luca Rivali at http://www.insulaeuropea.eu/

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