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-6 February-7 March 2015,​Entrance Hall, Cambridge University Library ( )+**6 February-7 March 2015**,Entrance Hall, Cambridge University Library (West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DR)
 +Curated by Laura Nuvoloni
 +This exhibition celebrates the 500-year anniversary of the death of Aldus Manutius on 6 February 1515. It shows books mostly produced during Aldus’s life time (1495-1515) and focuses on his personal connections with some of the most influential scholars of the time, including Pietro Bembo and Erasmus of Rotterdam.
-The exhibition will continue online at https://​exhibitions.lib.cam.ac.uk/​manutius/​+**Free** admission. **Opening times**Monday to Friday 9.00-18.00; Saturday 9.00-16.30.
-Futher information at https://​exhibitions.lib.cam.ac.uk/​ 
 +The exhibition will continue **online** at https://​exhibitions.lib.cam.ac.uk/​manutius/​
 +**Futher information** at https://​exhibitions.lib.cam.ac.uk/​
 +[[:​collaboration/​manutius_network_2015/​main|Back to home page]]
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