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-**February - June 2015**, John Rylands Library (150 Deansgate, Manchester+**29th January to 21st June**, John Rylands Library (150 Deansgate, Manchester
 M3 3EH) M3 3EH)
-Further information will be soon available.+This exhibition celebrates the **legacy of Aldus Manutius** (1449-1515). His publishing legacy includes scholarly editions of classical authors, the introduction of italic type, and the development of books in small formats that were read much like modern paperbacks. The firm was continued after his death by his son and grandson until 1598.
 +The John Rylands Library holds **one of the largest collections** of Aldine editions in the world. Many of these come from the **Spencer library**, purchased by Mrs Rylands in 1892. There are also other stories of local collectors, such as **Richard Copley Christie** and **David Lloyd Roberts**, and how the citizens of 19th century Manchester looked to Italy, and Venice in particular, for inspiration.
 +**Free** admission.
 +**Opening hours**: Monday 12noon - 5pm; Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm; Sunday
 +12noon - 5pm. Last entry 4.30pm dail
 +For further information:​http://​www.library.manchester.ac.uk/​rylands/​exhibitions/​merchantsofprint/​
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