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-**31 August-3 ​Spetmber ​2015**, Residence Il Convento (Torrita di Siena)+**31 August-3 ​September ​2015**, Residence Il Convento (Via Passeggio Garibaldi 52, 53049 Torrita di Siena)
-[Under construction]+**CRELEB** (Centro di Ricerca Europeo Libro Editoria Biblioteca) of the Catholic University of Milan, in collaboration with the Società Bibliografica Toscana, the Torrita Cultura Foundation and the Torrita di Siena city, organizes a **Summer School** dedicated to **Aldus Manutius** in order to mark the 500th anniversary of the his death. The course aims to promote the knowledge of **early printed book and the history of book collecting**. Although it is intended mainly **for librarians and scholars** of early printed books, there are special **offers for university students**.  
 +More information and the **online registration form** are available at: http://​centridiricerca.unicatt.it/​creleb_international-summer-school  
 +[[:​collaboration/​manutius_network_2015/​main|Back to home page]]
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