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Digital Humanities Working Group

The CERL Working Group for Digital Humanities aims to support library management and curators of Special Collections (rare books and manuscripts) to develop a well-informed mid- to long-term vision for the interconnection between Digital Humanities research and their organisation’s special collections, its associated data and metadata.

The working group will work with university based, library based, national and international entities seeking to ensure that we have the opportunity to enhance their work through an understanding of the available data and its potential offering. The WG will provide information and organise training for management and curators of special collections in DH technologies.

New DH technologies and techniques are mostly not developed in the context of Special Collections. Management and curators need to work with new techniques and technologies to optimise them for use with Special Collection materials. An understanding of techniques and technologies applied in DH will assist curators in identifying the potential in their collections for further DH research, and confidently pitching this potential to invite collaboration between library and the DH community. Better informed and well-trained management and curators will be able to champion tailored, specialist access, retrieval and interlinking of digital representations of our special collections.

Members of the Working Group

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