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Adding Variants

The HPB Simple Search screen (which is the default) offers to add variant name forms from the CERL Thesaurus for

  • personal names (Index [PER]]
  • corporate body names (Index [COR])
  • imprint names (i.e. printers, publishers, bookseller, …) (Index [IPN])
  • imprint place names (Index [PLC])

The [Add variants] button appears

  • only when any of the four named indexes was selected and
  • only upon typing a search term into the search field:

A box opens and shows the results from the CERL Thesaurus:

You can individually pick the name forms you wish to adopt for your search. Then hit the [Apply now] button at the top of the box.
It is advisable to exclude name forms which are very generic, such as initals - they would make the search less precise.

The chosen name forms will be included in your search query:

Combining Added Variant searches with other search arguments

To combine a variant name search with other search criterions, please use the search history:

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