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Search results

The result screen is displayed after the search operation is complete. This screen shows a list of short titles. By default the titles are sorted by relevance. This collection of short titles is also called the Shortlist. Each term in a title that corresponds with your search term, is considered a hit. You can use the shortlist to analyze whether or not your search criterion was successful.

View search results

You can view a hit by clicking on it. All relevant bibliographical data, such as title, author, imprint, etc. are now displayed on the screen (default view). Additionally, the MARC21 format view is available from a separate tab.

Viewing the search results helps you proceed with your search operations; it shows you whether the information displayed must be further restricted in a subsequent search operation. You can always return to the title list by clicking on [Shortlist] or return to the results of your search operation by clicking on [Review].

Icons in the search results screens

The icons shown below indicate the type of publication in the search results screens.

  • Books
  • Music
  • Periodicals/Series
  • Maps
  • Microforms
  • Articles
  • Games, Sculpture, etc.

Filtering search results


Perform a search operation on the search result

Once the results of a search operation are displayed, menu 1 contains a number of extra search options. This allows you to perform a search operation on the search results displayed.

  • Restrict
    Select this method if you want to use the AND search method on the result.
  • Enlarge
    Select this method if you want to use the OR search method on the result.
  • Except
    Select this method if you want to use the NOT search method on the result.
  • Rerank
    Select this method if you want to re-sequence the results. Select the desired sort sequence in menu 3 of the simple search or in the advanced search screen.
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