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 ====== Query examples ====== ====== Query examples ======
-FIXME //TODO//+     DIM (8o or 8vo or oct* or in-8*) 
 +finds the majority of editions in octavo format. 
 +     prn (exlibris or "ex libris"​) and Esterhazy 
 +finds copies of books with these search terms in their copy-specific description. 
 +     foc bayerische staatsbibliothek 
 +finds all copies of books with these search terms in a former owner entry. 
 +     ipn elsevier d? 
 +finds all editions with these search terms in either the imprint or recorded as added entries with a role related to the physical production of the book. 
 +     SBN hain # 12103 
 +finds all records which cite the bibliography (short form) "​Hain"​ and the given number.
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