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 [[::​help:​hpb:​save_print_download|Save,​ Print, Download]] [[::​help:​hpb:​save_print_download|Save,​ Print, Download]]
 [[::​help:​hpb:​Search_History|Search History]] [[::​help:​hpb:​Search_History|Search History]]
-[[::​help:​hpb:​complex_queries|Examples of complex queries]]+[[::​help:​hpb:​complex_queries|Query examples]]
 [[::​help:​hpb:​Multilingualism|Multilingualism]] [[::​help:​hpb:​Multilingualism|Multilingualism]]
 [[::​resources:​hpb:​main|More Information]] [[::​resources:​hpb:​main|More Information]]
 [[http://​hpb.cerl.org/​|Back to the Database]] [[http://​hpb.cerl.org/​|Back to the Database]]
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