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Canterbury Cathedral Library


Provenance names

Books printed before 1801

The names of 3152 former owners of books printed before 1801 in Canterbury Cathedral Library.

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The numbers identifying each book correspond to the entry in the microfiche catalogue published by Adam Matthew Publications in 1998 (David Shaw and Sheila Hingley (and others), Canterbury Cathedral Library: Catalogue of pre-1801 printed books. Adam Matthew Publications, Marlborough, 1998. 24 pp + 17 microfiches).
The names in this list can be searched for on the online catalogue of the University of Kent at http://opac.kent.ac.uk/. You are recommended to use the “Simple Limits” drop-down menu and select “Cathedral Library”.
Questions about access to the books should be sent to librarian@canterbury-cathedral.org.
Corrections and other questions about this list should be sent to david@djshaw.co.uk.

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